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The Codeheroes DNA is heavily influenced by the creative industry. All key staff members have experienced the challenges that creative agencies face when taking on new work when already at capacity, or when a project opportunity arises that stretches the capabilities in-house.

At Codeheroes we have put together a diverse team to enable us to cover all aspects of high end development. Along with front end development, we also specialise in backend development, API integrations and hosting solutions that give you piece of mind that your client websites are loading fast, operating efficiently and are protected and providing backup security. Meaning in the event of an attack or loss of data we can reinstate any website from the last saved backup.

Our core objective is to ensure the projects are delivered cost-effectively and to a standard of expectation that comes from the creative industry. Our developers take the creative you supply and produce the front end working files with pixel perfection, communicating throughout the process… and you get to talk directly to the developers themselves.

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Your dedicated team of website developers

We’re a team of website developers, combining many years of experience in the creative sector. Our size enables us to be cohesive and provide a close relationship when working together on your projects. And we are just as efficient working on small scale projects as we are large, complex and technically advanced systems.

Our team consists of experienced front end developers, backend developers and full stack lead developers, all of which compliment each other when collaborating. This is a huge advantageous team for any agency and this can be yours to use on your next project.


High performance
hosting and support

At Codeheroes, we offer a best-in-class hosting platform for all our clients, built on top of the countless years of industry experience optimising the website stack at every level. Our hosting platform boasts high performance dedicated servers, with carefully configured webservers to maximise performance. Security is paramount to our platform, and security decisions are carefully considered at every step. Reliability is important for any business, you want a host you can depend on. Our redundant server stack, keeps your website online and available no matter the situation.

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NDA’s are standard for what we do. We expect to be supplied one before working together. However, we still follow the same rules even if one isn’t provided. We also require acceptance of our T&C’s at the very beginning of our relationship.

Service Level Agreements

There are no requirement to sign any service level contract/agreement. However, we can provide these for priority work or guaranteed time booked in each month for peace of mind and/or for regular security updates and maintenance on websites that require this. Web Support >

White label Development

There will be no mention of the name Codeheroes within the code we write, and everything is deployed and previewed on a generic URL. You can see us as an extension of your team, who work in the background and your clients will know no different.

Communication & Location

We are located in Northampton, in-between the cities of London and Birmingham. Because of what we do, our service reach is national and we can support all creative design agencies across the UK. We are available on Skype, Zoom, telephone or email and so you are never out of reach of speaking to one of the developers at Codeheroes.

Project Collaboration

We have experience in a variety of project management tools to help manage projects between your team and ours. We are happy to pick up whatever you use to help streamline the process. We’ve used Trello, Slack, Basecamp, Monday, Clickup, Microsoft Teams and Asana to name a few. We want to integrate into your team and workflow as smoothly as possible.

Development Reassurance

With over 60 years of combined experience, our core development team has been put together with developers from the creative sector. So, we know first-hand the standards that are expected by creative design agencies across the country. Our work will always reflect that.