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Our experience in web design and web development is not limited to large organisations or to specific industry sectors. We have built many websites for local businesses, along with proving support for large brands that have a global reach.

We have a good balance of youth and experience within the Codeheroes team. And along with this diversity, our collaborative, cohesive and regimental business ethic will give you peace of mind and reassurance when working on your digital projects and online experiences.

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Digital partners

Our code is meticulous and with the technical expertise we have at our disposal will provide peace of mind and reassurance when choosing a partner to work with your website design, touchscreen interface, web app or event. Our experienced web developers are masters at API integration, quality of code and creating responsive pixel perfection online for mobile, tablet and desktop.

We have built many websites for local businesses, along with global brands that have a global advertisement reach on television, directing users to the site at peak times of the day. And we have designed and developed web app games for exhibition events for large organisations. With the team we have assembled, we are just as happy building small to medium (SME’s) based websites, as we are creating adventurous large scalable projects, spanning long development periods, along with the ongoing support these systems require.


Online shopping systems
built to your requirements

Codeheroes has experience with open-source eCommerce platforms on the market today, some of which include WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify. Working with the open-source platforms enables you to get straight to the specifics of your online shop, reducing costs and speeding up the delivery of the project. However, we can also build custom eCommerce platforms, along with the documentation detailing the technical aspects of the build. We can provide ongoing support to make essential updates, monitor servers (especially at peak times), manage security updates, and ensure your e-shop is functioning at crucial times of the year. And being masters at integration, we can integrate your online sales into your existing stock management systems.

Web design & UX

An engaging
online experience

First impressions count when visiting a website. This is the shop window to your brand, service offering or online shop… and so when visitors land, you will want to maximise this experience. We plan, explore & create an exciting journey to capture your audience.

The website design and user experience is equally as important as the functional build. Where and how your main offering is displayed and taking your visitors on an interactive journey takes plenty of planning and expertise before the code even starts. Your website is your shop window to the world after all, so there should be no compromise when planning and crafting your online experience.

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