Backend development

Converting your innovative new ideas into powerful code requires a lot of careful planning and skilled execution.

Our team can help provide you the best combination of clean & light code, to turn your idea into a fast and powerful website. We have built great relationships with companies looking for someone to assist their in-house design team, and with fellow developers looking for some support in bringing their ideas to reality. Whether you're looking to start from scratch, or some assistance with something existing, our developers can assist with all projects big or small.

Our development team have built up a wide range of experience working in PHP frameworks. We've had the pleasure of working on many projects in Laravel, Symfony & many more. We are also very frequent flyers of working from scratch without any framework.

Our developers follow the industry accepted PSR-12 coding standard.

Web Support

Coding standards

All our code is compliant with the latest HTML, JavaScript and CSS standards. We're careful to ensure the work we produce is compatible with a multitude of browsers and mobile devices across the market and we test across modern browsers and devices. We work fluently with the following coding languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

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