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Our passion for speed led us to build the next generation of hosting for your business. Our platform is designed to be fast & secure, combining the cutting edge features with our development talent.

Our hosting platform was built from the ground up on our dedicated servers, combining the very latest in hardware advances with our powerful software, to keep your sites secure at all times.

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High performance hosting and in-house support


Our bespoke hosting service has been optimised for a wide range of popular frameworks, including Laravel, WordPress, Symfony, Magento, whilst still catering for bespoke builds and static websites.

Renewable Energy Sources

Our servers are located in data centre parks which utilise 100% carbon dioxide-free, renewable energy sources. Our datacentres in Germany servers use 100% hydroelectric energy, whereas our UK servers use a mix of Solar Panels (12%), Wind (33%), Hydropower (8%) and Bioenergy (47%).

In-House Support

Our expert developers are on-hand to provide support for your current and future development needs.


We truly believe in the platform we’ve built and we’re ready to put our money where our mouth is.

We’ll even take the stress out of migration, as one of our development team will migrate your site over to the platform at no cost for 30 days. We are available on Skype, Zoom, telephone or email and so you are never out of reach of speaking to one of the developers at Codeheroes.


Security is built into our platform from the ground up, so you can feel protected against online threats. Each site is isolated in it’s own secure container environment, which is the exact same technology used by the giant companies like Twitter, Google, Amazon, Netflix.

Every site on our platform is protected by our firewall and load-balancer system to filter out the bad traffic, and keep your sites running smoothly.


As your business grows, and demands more traffic, we can scale your hosting infrastructure both vertically and horizontally to meet your ongoing and future needs.

Vertical scaling allows us to allocate more resources to your website to handle short bursts of traffic spikes typically found during peak times, or if you get featured on the media.

Horizontal scaling allows us to deploy your website across multiple servers and split the load between multiple servers which is ideal for sustained high traffic periods. Our developers can walk you through your options.

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